Fehmarn Northern Open

The Boulefreunde Fehmarn e.V. play host to two out­stan­ding international Pétanque tournaments.
The venue is located directly at the Baltic Sea, in the beautiful harbor of Burgstaaken on the island of Fehmarn.
Dear boules friends,
Unfortunately, we have received a rejection from the city of Fehmarn for holding the Fehmarn Northern Open in Burgstaaken this year. For this reason, we have decided with a heavy heart to cancel the tournament in 2024. A move to another venue, which would then have to be found first, would involve considerable effort, which we as Boulefreunde Fehmarn unfortunately cannot afford.
We have the city promise that the tournament can take place again at the usual location in 2025 and we are already looking forward to your active participation in the 11th FNO in 2025.

Frank Repenning
(1.Vorsitzender BFF)
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